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Development Status: 4 - Beta
Environment: Curses
Intended Audience: Developers
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Operating System: Linux
Programming Language: C

Short Description
I created the Colibri Widgetset during my computer science studies (Autumn 2000). It is a developer framework for ASCII-based applications published under the GNU GPL.

This project is probably especially interesting for developers of ASCII based applications in the embedded area or for dedicated servers with small displays. The project allows building an ASCII GUI with an XML description - so it could be understood as a kind of "ASCII Glade".

Although it has been written in C, an object oriented structure has been chosen. For interpretation Colibri uses the the Expat XML parser.

Available Widgets
- menu
- button
- lable
- list viewer (only in CVS version)
- memo
- panel
- string field

Future Plans
Near Future Widgets
- file open/save
- scroll bars
My further plan is a developer kit for WYSIWYG click-by-click creation of the interfaces. Of course I'd always welcome help with it.

The project has its origin in the control software for a measurement station which had a small 1/4 VGA display. To realize this, I created a menu to run processes. This menu was based on a description file. The menu slowly turned into a widget collection and the description file is being written in XML now.

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